Your Caregiving Journey Binder

Based on clients requests and feedback, I have also created a Caregiving Journey Binder.  This is a physical compilation of information that can stay with the care receiver.  I allows a caregiver to stay organized with their loved-one’s important medical, financial, and legal information and documents.  It also contains space for emergency information, daily routines and food and activity preferences. This binder will provide easy access to frequently needed information for the caregiver or for anyone stepping in to provide care.

Consulting with Lee

In my experience counselling families entering their caregiving journey, I realized that families often needed information, advice and impartiality in discussing the five pillars of caregiving.

  1. Living Situation and Autonomy
  2. Medical Information and Organization
  3. Documents and Professionals
  4. Finances and Communication
  5. Mindset and Self-Care

I have checklists for these five pillars that you can access by clicking the box to the right.  However, families and caregiver often need more information and/or someone to guide family discussions around the topics involved with caregiving.  I provide a five hour consulting package that allows families start their caregiving journey off on the right foot.  Stress often comes from not knowing the road ahead and not having companions to travel with us.  The Caregiving Journey will provide you with both the knowledge and the company to travel this road with less frustration and stress.  If you would like to discuss how I can help you and your family with these issues, please click below to schedule a 10 minute phone call to discuss how I may be of assistance to you.