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The Number of Unpaid Caregivers in America:
That is one in every five Americans.

I was a family caregiver for nine years. My father lived with us and he had dementia. I repeated myself a lot. It was not easy, but my husband and I felt that it was important. Like a lot of you, I had my challenges – I worried that I don’t have enough time for myself and my job and my family while worrying that I didn’t give enough time to my father. I got frustrated and overwhelmed, but caregiving was a responsibility that I cherished. I’m a retired CPA and attorney who spent over 25 years practicing law. I believe that having knowledge and a plan when it comes to caregiving, can make the journey less overwhelming. I believe that having a community surrounding you – whether physical or virtual – can make the journey less discouraging. I believe that having a knowledgeable coach by your side can make the journey an opportunity for growth. I also believe that we as a nation need to have a deeper and more involved conversation around caregivers and our devotion to the loved ones who need us so much. It is my goal to assist caregivers with overwhelm, provide caregivers with community, guide caregivers to self-discovery and promote the National conversation around family caregiving.